Law firm profile

Gallotti-Cusmai & Partners was formed at the beginning of 1993 following the outsourcing of Johnson & Johnson S.p.A.’s law department in favour of newly created boutique law firms – and in 2003 started practice under its current name. The Gallotti-Cusmai & Partners team is made up of a well-integrated group of professionals with different backgrounds and professional origins. The firm provides global legal assistance both to business enterprises and private individuals, in Italy and abroad. Many of our professionals have an excellent knowledge of foreign languages and contacts outside the office. Likewise, we have a close relationship with the academic side of law - our managing partner Davide Gallotti was former university adjunct professor of Labor Law and European commercial law at various public and private universities and defence in front of the Superior Court. Senior Partner Emanuela Cusmai have also held university posts. The above-mentioned professionals are all members of the Rome bar.

Areas of Expertise

The legal sectors in which Gallotti-Cusmai & Partners’ lawyers have worked both in litigation and transactional law includes all of civil and European law as well as certain areas of administrative law:

  • Labor and trade union law, where the firm’s lawyers have gained broad professional expertise especially in assisting with company issues and management of personnel, achieving, in this way, a complete consultancy in labour law and legal defence in front of the labour magistature for disputes within Italy.
  • The law form has a strong experience in health care and medical malpractice, Commercial and civil law litigation. The firm, in addition, has carried out many diverse bankruptcy trusteeships.
  • Copyright, media and advertising law, with particular emphasis on theatre; national contracts, negotiation and disputes in front of various Autorities In addition, for the traditional sectors of civil law, real estate and recovery of judicial credit the firm counts on corresponding law firms throughout Italy. For administrative and tax law matters, the firm collaborates with outside professionals.

Where are we?

Gallotti-Cusmai & Partners is located in a former noble palazzo on Via Belli 27 (off Cavour square) in the centre of Rome and just around the High Court of Cassazione. .


In the last few years, the firm has assisted more than 120 enterprises and entities operating throughout Italy. Amongst the entities which the firm has assisted are large multinational companies which are leaders in their sectors, including chemical- pharmaceutical, publishing, bio molecular research, finance, institutional catering, food production, building and construction, journalism, private healthcare, environmental, large-scale retail trade, import/export, real estate development, development consulting, components production and cooperative production companies, as well as local authorities, associations, embassies and the commercial offices of foreign groups.

International profile

The legal boutique has established a close legal assistance to many USA companies and Korean companies. It also has a long-standing involvement with the economic and political situation of the kingdom of Thailand and, for many years, a close business relationship with a Romanian partner, both in academic activities and in start-up businesses. The firm has also been involved in other matters given to it by companies and entities outside Europe, with a particular emphasis on the Asian market.